1. Days 100-103: July 15th-July 18th

    A birthday Mandala for my beautiful momma, inside and out! 

  2. Days 96-97: June 11th-12th

    Working on a (soon to be blue) birthday Mandala illustration for my momma. :) 

  3. Day 95: June 10th

    You can’t really tell here, but the stars are Gold! I made this as a gift for a very wonderful friend, just to say thank you for being such a great person. :) <3

  4. Day 83: June 28th

    Taking a break from the Ram for a pet portrait :)

  5. Day 77: June 22nd

    King Soleil! 

  6. Day 73, 74, & 75: June 18th-20th

    "In Your Light" is another indication of how much I love the sun! lol.  The original is for sale as usual, and my etsy will be open on Canada Day! :D

  7. Day 71: June 16th

    Just a quick one today :)

  8. Day 68-70: June 13th-15th

    Star light, star bright

  9. Day 67: June 12th

  10. Day 65: June 10th

    Now its time for the fun colours! :)

  11. Day 64: June 9th

    Today was busy, i drew the whole 8”x10” outline! I know it looks kind of funny right now, but trust me… this bear will look handsome by the end, lol. :)

  12. Day 63: June 8th

    Everything is bright and blooming :)