1. Day 23: April 29th

    Had to drop Rebecca off at the airport. </3

  2. I love my cows :)

  3. Every morning I wake up, look over the edge of my bed, and peer down at my desk. From here I ponder what Art I will work on that day, I plan future projects, and appreciate that I have a family who has helped me to pursue art long into my future and convert my bedroom into a little studio, friends who support all of my artistic adventures, and an incredible boyfriend who is always encouraging me and bragging about what I do to anyone who will take a moment to listen. <3

  4. Almost done the layers of blue!

  5. The background is finished!

  6. These cuties are called “Kindred Spirits” :)

  7. I’m a Sucker for Your Love" is available in the shop as a card for your lover on valentines day! :)

  8. Started this little valentines inspired piece tonight :)

  9. Did you know that the common symbol for a heart was adopted to resemble two real hearts sewn together?

    The heart can be purchased in my shop, here :) 

  11. Thanks
    A quote from Adam Lambert :)

    I, myself, am quite attached to this quote thanks to my man. <3