1. What’s cooking, good lookin’? “Regal Rooster” was created specifically for an exhibition, so he will be on sale then/after.  More info to come when he has been submitted! :)

  2. Day 108: July 23rd-24th

    How handsome is he? “Star Reacher” has already been claimed by one of my soul sisters, but if you’re an elephant enthusiast send me a direct message and we can work on something similar (but never the same) together. :)

  3. Day 71: June 16th

    Just a quick one today :)

  4. Day 68-70: June 13th-15th

    Star light, star bright

  5. Day 67: June 12th

  6. Day 61 & 62: June 6th-7th

    I really want a grey kitten named Lucy. 

    (Also this original is for sale for $70, including a frame!)

  7. Day 56-58: June 1st-3rd

    A handsome little fox.  
    He’s going to be added to the collection of “Original Minis” I’m working on. It’s a series of 5”x7” original drawings that come with a frame,prices ranging from $35-$80.  Check out my Facebook page for more! :)

  8. Day 44 & 45: May 20th & 21st

    Combined both the stippling and patterns i love to draw for this one.  The original “Giraffe” is available for $35, message me on Facebook for more details and inquiries! :)

  9. I really really love this little piece! I think it deserve a frame :)
    Maybe I’ll open up an easy shop soon to sell little creations, what do you you guys think?

  10. Day 29, 30, AND 31! May 5th-7th

    Wow, that took a long time! But it was worth it :) I’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather, some spring flowers, and lots of yummy food.  I put a lot of shading into all of the petals, and check out the gold centres! I love this one :)

  11. Day 25: May 1st

  12. Day 23: April 29th

    Had to drop Rebecca off at the airport. </3