1. Day 7: April13th

    April Showers Bring May Flowers!

  2. He puts up with so much!

  4. TADAAAAAA!!! The original multicolour “Hippie-Potamus” is for sale for $200, but I also sell prints and cards! Send me a message and we can set something up if you’re interested, all Canada shipping is free! :)

  5. working on the second one in blue!

  6. playing with shadows

  7. Every morning I wake up, look over the edge of my bed, and peer down at my desk. From here I ponder what Art I will work on that day, I plan future projects, and appreciate that I have a family who has helped me to pursue art long into my future and convert my bedroom into a little studio, friends who support all of my artistic adventures, and an incredible boyfriend who is always encouraging me and bragging about what I do to anyone who will take a moment to listen. <3

  8. I’ve really been digging the sea turtles recently.

  9. now for the fun part!

  10. My projects have dry time, so I’m working on a few at once! :)

  11. done the first purple guy!

  12. And the outline of “Ele-phunk” is complete! :)