1. Day 108: July 23rd-24th

    How handsome is he? “Star Reacher” has already been claimed by one of my soul sisters, but if you’re an elephant enthusiast send me a direct message and we can work on something similar (but never the same) together. :)

  2. Days 105-106: July 20th-21st

    This little guy is already claimed by one of my soul sisters, :)

  3. Day 94: June 9th
    Something for a friend :)

  4. Days 92-93: July 7th & 8th:
    "Ram" is for sale with a frame and shipping for $300, send me a message if you’re interested! :)

  5. Days 90-91: June 5th & 6th  only the funky colours left!
    Read more at http://web.stagram.com/n/sketchbookdiary/#oqavhOJEbg8eiCrH.99

  6. Day 84: June 29th

    Cute little Spanish :)

  7. Day 83: June 28th

    Taking a break from the Ram for a pet portrait :)

  8. Days 78-81: June 22nd-26th

    I’m most excited to colour the horns on this guy :)

  9. Day 77: June 22nd

    King Soleil! 

  10. Day 76: June 21st

    Working on the man of the Dollhouse, Soleil. :)

  11. Day 64: June 9th

    Today was busy, i drew the whole 8”x10” outline! I know it looks kind of funny right now, but trust me… this bear will look handsome by the end, lol. :)

  12. Day 61 & 62: June 6th-7th

    I really want a grey kitten named Lucy. 

    (Also this original is for sale for $70, including a frame!)