1. Some peaceful ladies 🌙🌟

  2. What’s cooking, good lookin’? “Regal Rooster” was created specifically for an exhibition, so he will be on sale then/after.  More info to come when he has been submitted! :)

  3. The original framed peacock is available for $200, please send me a message if you’re interested. :)

  4. Peacock drawing in the morning!

  5. Days 111-115: July 26th-30th

    I’ve been out living life and not posting pictures, so I only half apologize because I’ve been enjoying myself :) Done the outline of a very handsome peacock. 

  6. Day 108: July 23rd-24th

    How handsome is he? “Star Reacher” has already been claimed by one of my soul sisters, but if you’re an elephant enthusiast send me a direct message and we can work on something similar (but never the same) together. :)

  7. Day 107: July 22nd done all the grey!

  8. Days 105-106: July 20th-21st

    This little guy is already claimed by one of my soul sisters, :)

  9. Days 100-103: July 15th-July 18th

    A birthday Mandala for my beautiful momma, inside and out! 

  10. And here’s a close-up of my Star Bat gift :)

  11. Days 96-97: June 11th-12th

    Working on a (soon to be blue) birthday Mandala illustration for my momma. :) 

  12. Day 95: June 10th

    You can’t really tell here, but the stars are Gold! I made this as a gift for a very wonderful friend, just to say thank you for being such a great person. :) <3